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Useful Sounds No. 050: Who's that women and why do you listen to her?


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Show notes:

  • those strange subscribers who do not like my interviews

  • it should be switch on and record - but not if you installed vista

  • no, i never reinstalled my XP

  • mobile gadgets! love GPS!

  • transcription of this podcast? not going to happen.

  • blog fatigue vs podfading, or what twitter has to do with this

  • how do you cope with this kind of stress in producing and consuming?

  • fun with blognation and me being Co-Editor for Germany (sorry Robin, I missed out on Belgium)

  • the limited view on copy cats from the outside and why those "cats" are quite satisfied with 'just' the German market

  • feedback required - what are your questions about Germany?

  • shout out to Croncast, Couchpotatoes and Coverville

  • being disappointed about not going to the PME (I am going to Barcamp Vienna instead, but it will not be the same)

  • podcasting is three years old and people still are confused about it

  • crazy next weekends: Startup Weekend, Barcamp Vienna and Barcamp Munich

  • the reason I started podcasting again really? to tell you all about the web2open and all the events around it.

  • looking for European Barcamp organizers

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band Futureshock.

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Useful Sounds No. 049: Look back on 2006, an outlook on 2007 and 5 things you don't about me

Starting into a new year it is always a good idea to take a look back. But also to add some things you may not know. ;)

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Show notes:

  • being in the now: 2007 really feels like 2007!

  • surprinsingly you did not like me interviewing other people like on bloxpert

  • a short intro what US is about - it has been quite a while ;)

  • 2006: a lot of travelling and a lot of people

  • 2006: similar topics over the year: women on conferences and english as a limiting factor

  • 2006: the slow wake up of Germany, although not grass root but pushed by big media and companies

  • The upcoming Podcamp in Germany at 13/14 of January

  • 2007: that is going to be fun !

  • 2007: the old world is supposed to be merging / enter the new world - but there are risks

  • Second Life: a new hype but already with a lot of problems

  • 2007: Where are my jet packs? Question for you: What did SF and technology promise you but it still has not been delivered?

  • The "5 things you might not know about me" meme

    • please call me Nicole

    • I really love piano and synthesizer (or my first concert with Saga)

    • nearly 20 years of being online or why Nicole 17 is a bad choice for a nickname

    • No love for horses. Ever.

    • I like simple things, details, and gestures which show that somebody pays attention

    I will put the link to the blogposting with the written version from ctbk as soon as it is available.

    See other results from other blogs or take a look at my German version.

  • some goals for 2007: get to know the person behind the connection

  • a quote for you: if you dare to be remarkable we will dare to make a difference

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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