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Myspace, podshow, what is the difference?

if you want to:
connect with me on podshow - connect with me on myspace

You could think the Podshow profile pages and myspace are the same. Well, of course Podshow was built after that model but have you seen the available tools for myspace? Wow.

You might wonder why there is no show listening of my shows on the podshows search engine. Well, easy answer: The T&C are so that I will not put my shows into the listening as long as I have to give over rights just to get listed. Not happening. But you close your eyes and take my page for my Useful Sounds page if you like. ;o)

As for myspace - I am not sure if it would be clever to do a Useful Sounds myspace page as I do not really see this as a blog / social media tool venue for myself. What do you think?

Oh and: Are there any nice "my profile on myspace / podshow" icons?

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Useful Sounds No. 048: Web site change and my experience with MS Speech API for dictation

About what I have been doing lately as well as my experiences with Microsoft's idea of speech recognition.

Download MP3 (24:08 min, 14.2 MB)

Show notes:

  • The usual hickup with a crashing audition

  • Are you still there? Useful Sounds has moved over to - please update your links as well as check your podcatcher. :)

  • All podcasts entries have been moved over to this web page and all blog postings should be merged to cruel to be kind

  • Redirecting the feed: Shoutouts to Podnova for handling of the feeds as it is supposed to be!

  • Buuh for Odeo! I had to kill the old feed and am not able to transfer you, sorry. (Link to the new page on odeo.)

  • Some comments on my recent trip to the States
    • Steep streets in San Francisco (try of picture proof one and two) and touristy stuff
    • The museum of modern art - nothing I can relate to
    • The Vegas Style: "European" structures in San Jose

  • Quiting my old job and some vacation in too warm Germany

  • World Cup: unexpected flag explosion all over the place, my stay at the Coca-Cola flat and a new addiction to Coke Blak

  • My failed experiments with English Speech Recognition
    • testing especially the MS Speech Engine API
    • why can't I train such an application with my own writing? What better way to train it with your own voice and style?
    • I don't mind training an application - I know I don't fit into your saved profiles! But at least I am consistent in my speaking.
    • stupid training lessons from Microsoft for voice training - who talks like H.G. Wells or Aesop?

  • Portable Media Expo is coming! Yuuuuhuu! :o) :) :)

  • Do not give up your audio podcast! Not everybody loves Video!

  • A teaser for next episode:
    In a world of infinite choice, context - not content - is king.

Claiming the Odeo Channel (odeo/97e6010dc9627079)

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useful sound dot com opened

Finally I have take as the main domain for just my podcasts. ;)

This is the claim my podcast posting with a dozen of keys as well as a notice for you to please change the links if you have some to useful sounds like on a podroll ;o) Thanks in advance.

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Useful Sounds No. 047: Of wim'in and sucker

Listen to your latest comment driven Useful Sounds. ;)

18:43 min, 10.9 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • 11 more days!

  • wim'in and sucker

  • the joy of discovering podcasting

  • why I do speak so funny sometimes ;)

  • American breakfast again and meet the German Deli and the Shopblogger

  • I don't like musicals so much but Avenue Q is coming to London!

  • Planing for the Podcastday: Little get together on the day before and a party wednesday (but on the ground of Köln Messe)

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 046: How does this work again?

Back from my trip to the US and looking forward to many more conferences - but this time in Europe! :)

34:20 min, 20 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • How does this work again?

  • Digital Lifestyle Day in Munich

  • America - they let me in, out and actually travel!

  • Frequent Flyer programs - my new obsessions :)

  • My personal publishing empire

  • German baby steps in accepting blogging and podcasting

  • Handed in my resignation, my dealing with German unemployement agency and 'social medicin'

  • Palo Alto: Meeting people I know from online (and forgetting a lot of them *cough*) as well as Jonas Luster from Socialtext and Havi Hoffman and Chris Future at Yahoo.

  • Los Angeles: Meeting Dan Klass from the Bitterest Pill and the kind of expectation you build up / Barcamp L.A. was interesting / a train at top speed

  • San Diego: The cool kids are somewhere else. Etech did not live up to what it was supposed to be


  • American's are funny people! :)

  • Conferences in Europe: Happening in a decent timezones and about topics *I* am interested in

  • Paranoid Europeans? Think again.

  • Podcastday 2006 in Cologne, when traditional media meets new media

  • How travel tips really help

  • 4 women on a podcast about media: media slaves, living in constant beta

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Useful Sounds No. 045: Travelling advice needed

Today's podcast is part of a little present for myself - several podcast next week so I will have No. 50 on my birthday. The content? I would like some travelling advice from you!

16 min, 15 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

So my travel plans are: going from Europe to San Francisco (SFO) to Palo Alto, from San Jose (SJC) to San Diego (SAN), from SAN to Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Most of the web pages do not allow this kind of multicity booking. :(

In addition to what I tell you about in the podcast, let me break it down to the parts of what I already know
SF / Palo Alto
  • I am arriving at San Francisco International Airport

  • conference is held at the Sheraton (625 El Camino Real), it is supposed to be a block away from "Cal Train Station"

  • should I take a kind of stop-over hotel or try to get directly to Palo Alto and do travelling / touristing from there?

  • already suggested: the Cardinal Hotel in Palo Alto

  • I know about a free shuttle service to Millbrae (?) station for Caltrain, and about

San Diego
  • I am going from San Jose (seems to be easier than from SFO) to San Diego on March 3rd

  • Etech Conference (March 6-9) is at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, 1 Market Place, San Diego, CA 92101 USA

  • already suggested: Hotel Strip, which is roughly a 10 minute drive from downtown.

Los Angeles

  • I need to get out of San Diego to San Diego Airport, and travel to LAX OR travel by train to Los Angeles - which should I prefer? Destination is Los Angeles Airport.

  • need a hotel near the airport because I will go from there the next day

Any hints for hotels / transportation / websites for me? :o)

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 044: Happy New Year in 2006

27 min, 16 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Learn a bit about German Silvester, little boys and their Böller, and why some German throw bread into the air.

  • It is so easy to sound clever if you have a journalist tweaking the words *g*

  • Toby Bloomberg's request for "what you would like more / less in the blogosphere" and the results under "Bloggers Wish List for 2006"

  • my answer to this question:
    We should be challenging. Expect more from the people around you, including your readers. How else are we suppose to learn and evolve if everything stays mediocre and just for the mainstream taste?

    To quote one of my favorite song lyrics: "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" There are so many people and you can't be everyone's darling. Stop trying to be and make the the one person proud which really counts: You!

    Say what you want: In order for you to be more than mediocre, others (and you yourself) need impulses and ideas. Tell them what you want and why, so others can pick up on your request.

    What I want less:
    I want less people who do not understand why connecting to the internet is not an addiction but a new form of social interaction. I am tired of seeing those pity looks because they think, they do have a "real life" when all they do is watching television all night or going out in bars having meaningless conversations with people they already know.
  • a great song to start the the new year: Heather Small - Proud

  • Where are you from? Mark yourself on my Frappr map. :)

  • Me going crazy over trying to figure out how to travel to the US! Any hints for which airlines to take to the US? For (LHR|FRA|else) to SFO and SFO-SAN and LAX - Europe. Preferably one way.

  • Going to the New Communication Forum and to Etech (unless I go nuts over booking ...)

  • Upcoming Digital Lifestyle Day 06 in Munich but no Lift06 in Geneva for me

  • Interesting 'job development' on my side

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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