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Useful Sounds No. 043: You are my recreation

You are my recretion :o)

18 min, 10.7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

The content: my joyful work over the weekend, about the pre conference podcast for Les Blogs, and your reactions on my last podcast.

As well as the big topic "Women and podcasting".

Go read, if you not have done it, the Wired article "Women Warm the Podcast Bench" and take a look at Amy Gahran's list. So, which reactions do you get, when you talk to women about podcasting?

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 042: The fashionable late anniversary edition

It is my one year anniversary show and it is all "me, myself and I!" - this was me-casting, right? :)

To be more serious, this is a catching up for some of the listeners about myself and a more short time on why podcasting has changed my life - ahem that sounded more dramatic than it should be. I did not talk about the media expo, although I am kind of sorry not to have been there - but surely next year. :)

49:58 min, 29.9 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band .

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Useful Sounds No. 041: the halloween edition

A recording which was not easy to do. And I promise to check microphone distance next time. :)

23:23 min, 13.7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • beebeep - not the sound you like to hear when you are working on your computer

  • Did I mention, i hate timezones? and the fact that there is no decent collaborative calendar planing tool? It is 2005 - why the hell do I still have to do it by hand?!

  • Interesting how hard it is to get in contact with some people through their website

  • Two new podcast and links:

  • also mentioned:

  • Has podcasting grown too fast? The fruit juice example

  • Help others to figure out what you like about your favorite podcast

  • women and tech - a story you will hear about a lot more the next podcasts

  • my upcoming birthday :o)

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 040: London, Podcastcon and Drunken Copyfighter Brunch

Nearly a year of podcasting - and 40 podcasts. :)

28 min, 16.6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')


  • How should a podcast start off?

  • The skipped recordings

  • Stranded in Stansted

  • Friday Fun: Sightseeing in London

  • My report at Corante about the conference and a bit more informal one at the britcaster board

  • Drunken copyfighter brunch, first time at speaker's corner

  • Me is going to and am doing (surprise, surprise) a pre conference podcast. :)

  • Podcasting are more compelling than blogs - I am curious how blogland will 'understand' podcastland

  • Questions not answered - but instead more questions.

  • So many possibilities from good stuff - deciding is so complicated and paralysing.

  • dotcom was technical, but this now is impacting on the social level.

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 039: freeform quickie

Getting excited because of my upcoming trip! :)))

17:45 min, 10.4 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Freeform podcast!

  • Issues with hardware

  • the - where I do in fact interview people :)

  • we do podcasting for fun, right?

  • Shandy. Not Shanty. see Britcaster's forum

  • : Spring break for Scifi fans?

  • King's cross bad. Even for big girls.

  • Suggestions for shopping please?

  • beta testing:

  • I can be gentle ...

  • handy: german word for mobile phone

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 038: New Orleans, London, Podcastcon UK

Getting in the habbit of making less useful shownotes, but I really have to get to bed. ;(

25 min, 14.6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

The important links:

Rick Segal gives a great idea on who you should vote for on your next election:
If I was in trouble from a 9/11 or Katrina situation, would this person care? Would they go bananas with making sure I and my fellow Americans were taken care of?
Prices of gas are too high?
0.264 gallon cost 1,59 dollar over here which would make the price of a gallon at about 4,92.

The only usable website for researching a was - I don't get it why not more pages are like that??

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 037: dizzy summer nights

Some dizzy summernights and some cold make a confusing mix - plus some thoughts about the upcoming podcast con UK :)
More detailed shownotes to come later, I need my sleep! :)

26:34 min, 15,5 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 036a: Testing the tablet

Dummy me - I need of course an entry for the feed to have an enclosure ... *grr*

And if you want to see some examples (now I know what to use that flickr thing for - easy upload of picture things and reference them on two blogs ;)): Visit Tablet experiments.

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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Useful Sounds No. 36: Crashes and my new Tablet Toy!

After some recording woes my machine does get it's act together - probably because it knows, that it will be replaced as the main machine by my new toy if it does not play nice!

Get the newest 'crash and toys' Useful Sounds!

32:45 min, 19 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Shownotes: The music as usual by Futureshock!

The pledge drive I am not talking about in this edition (even though I said this in the start):
I will donate 5 Euros per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the European Union but only if 250 other people will too.

And the link to my English business blog Cruel to be kind.

Feedback as usual highly welcome as mail or comment right here.

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Useful Sounds No. 35: Itunes + Odeo // and new ways of communicating

Too much warmth, too many books, of Itunes and Odeo, and of new kinds of communication - listen to Useful Sounds number 35! :)

29:32 min, 17.3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

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Useful Sounds No. 34: how podcasting made a conference really great

A new Useful Sounds for your listening pleasure :)) Yes, still reboot orientated, this time my first personal feedback on why I though reboot was great. I really had a great time and everybody contributing to that - thank you so very much! :)

32 min, 18.7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Content in this podcast:

  • a short self-presentation and yes, I am normally a nice person. :)

  • and there really seems to be a market for reading out of telefone books *g*

  • the other blog with the pre / post conference podcast

  • how podcasting made the reboot conference really great

  • why being at a conference is of course different than just listening to it (I envy Gnomedexer)

  • Cab Inn City is a good hotel in Copenhagen to stay at

  • Danes don't want to sell!

  • meet some great people, who where interesting and inspiring, thank you very much for that :)

  • It is always interesting to meet them in person

  • not to forget the German bloggers at reboot :)

  • helped me through the week after reboot with those fantastic gifts, thank you Toby for this cool t-shirt and Tris for the 'energy' bars ;)) and the on the way present ;)

  • forgot to add, why Danmark should enter Euroland (most of them don't want to) - I am not used anymore to convert rates! ;)

And please help me to decide what to first make as soundbits for Creative Commons licences intro! Which one would be great to be the first recorded?

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Useful Sounds No. 33: The S-edition

A new podcast with some new gadgets ;)

26 min, 15 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  •,, server, and my preboot podcast. :)
  • the contest i was not ready to start, right Tris? ;)
  • screwing up with skype, but new fun toys: voicemail and Skype Out
  • Tris and Bicyclemark leave the first comments
  • the Skype Dial out Wizard
  • I have a new mobile phone (in German: handy!), a S65, primarly bought for the photo stuff ;)
  • if anyone can explain why I can record my microphone signal while just having the line out signal in my iriver??
  • reboot! reboot! reboot! :))
  • Why I do the preboot podcast and why the efforts pay off.
  • Before we get listeners to subscribe to our podcasts, we should offer promos. Take a look at what PodcastPickle offers with promos, for example the sushiradio entry
  • Embrace the new possibilites for example with the Microsoft podcasting team or the Apple approach
  • The non-contest: How to determine a winner? - give me feedback on what you think should be the winning entry
  • The tongue twister experiment - go and listen especially to Lloyds comment!
  • Marzipan!

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Useful Sounds No. 32: The "I want your sushi" edition!

Welcome to the latest podcast of mine :)

31 min, 19 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Audio hardware and me - not working together :o(

  • blogpraxis for the blogstuff, and cruel to be kind for the business stuff - I need a chart (how to know you have more than enough blogs ...)!

  • the reboot pre conference podcast and my interview with Ben Hammersley (not up yet, and he wants beer!)

  • - the delicious tidbit for your ear is up!
    Think like Schoolhouse Rock and you get what sushiradio should be about :o)
    And this is where you come in. :)

    Think about it - what do you know about history? And from what point of view? Who invented the telefone for examples? (If you don't know, different encyclopedieas around the world tend to have a very limited view on that.)
    Podcasting is a world wide phenomena - and you are part of it. Help us share such a vision (which should not be complicated, as I imagine, most of us have this kind of goal - we would like to share thoughts and engage in conversations) and get more people into podcasting.

    Here is our two initial suggestions / requests:
    - National Holiday (or perhaps you have local holidays too?)
    - What to know when I visit town / area.

    Goal of it (whether it runs on sushiradio or not) is to have short tidbits for listeners to enjoy and help them get the podcast bug. And learn stuff through it. Broaden their mind. Perhaps even get to know a bit of the local language?
    Want to make a sushi? Contact me and / or read the message on the Yahoo group.

  • My surprising 'adventures with Skype recording and my Iriver

  • Fun to be on a mailinglist with marketing people, and what they ask for

  • Commercial versus traditional podcast - it is not black and white, but grey

  • Podnova, interesting new service; see the button on the right on this blog :)

*lol* and it is Si-ri-us, not Sirus (heard to much of Mark Jeffrey's podiobook ...)

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Useful Sounds No. 31: Y360, openbc and reboot

In this podcast I give you some of my ideas about why I do like business thinking as an overall attitude.

As a summary / conclusion from my site on this blog, so people get the overall feeling from me: orkut is too slow, yahoo is too much just friends and family, linkedin has an awfull interface and openbc is missing the fun. For the moment, Yahoo 360 is still a bit of fun and openbc is quite usable - hope they will expand also to more international areas, as they are, for the moment, the most usable plattform for business contacts.

51 min, 30 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

(I could not post this earlier, because Dreamhost did take a full 24 hours before activating my account ...)
The show notes:
(more ...)

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Useful Sounds No. 30: Sometimes you have to make decisions

Enjoy the latest podcast :o)

17 min, 10 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • why I cut out the part on Yahoo 360°; my luck I could use the first part ...

  • the reason why I switched the naming scheme from UsefulSounds-$date.mp3 to us-$date.mp3

  • why one should always soundcheck ... (when will I ever learn?)

  • take a look at Gerrit's loudblog:
    What is Loudblog?

    Loudblog is a sleek and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for publishing audio content on the web. It automatically generates a skinnable website and a RSS-Feed for Podcasting. Just upload your audio-files, add some notes and links, and you’re done!
    And while you are there (and maybe testing it), do him a favour and use the forum and or his podcast on loudblog ;)

  • A shout out to Dan Klass and the bra-incident ;o)

  • If I listen / talk english, I don't translate it to my language, I just 'switch' to english mode. If you do speak more than one language - is this different for you?

  • Once I was disappointed not to have english TV, but now I have podcasting!)

  • Funny feedback on my 'email protocol' from Colin and Brad. Would 'over and out' at the end of a message be unpolite?

  • If you like an invitation, drop me a mail at usefulsounds (at or use the contact form.

And I have to blame Gerrit for the new 'favorite' world slick *grrr*

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Useful Sounds No. 29: How to manage email communication (the easter podcast)

As an easter greating, a new podcast - and yes, I will adjust back to my normal positions of recording, so I don't have so many pop / hissing sounds. :(

26 min, 15.3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • German Holidays

  • As I am off for some familiy business, just a short rundown through some of the content

  • G'dayworld featuring The famous Toby from Divamarketing, hear how Mick and Cam discovered the truth ...

  • The problem of not knowing when to stop email conversation - we have enough signals in real life but not in online conversation

  • Which emails is really in need of an answer? When it is okay to end a conversation?

  • I write longer mails and see the people feeling forced to write back as long as I did - when in fact, I sometimes just wanted to be sure you understood.

  • I'm guilty too, of not using proper disclaimer but if I say 'just yes / no needed', I mean it.

  • How people feel uncomfortable about receiving mails demanding for answers.

  • Use CC in mails and tell people in CC why they are included.

  • Is there a good sign for indicating 'this conversation is closed from my point of view'.

  • Why 'How do you do' leads to answers - it is a real question not a greeting.

  • Connecting to strangers the new way and why I do write emails instead of comments

  • Something for Scott from Today's Podcast and what I feel reluctantly about

  • The problem of being nice.

  • What the new digital natives miss out in learning about communicating.

  • A short description of a book I'm searching and how this relates to meeting people in real life - how complicated it is to re-adapt, and re-connect once you really meet.

  • Yes, I want you to read my blog. ;)

  • Tell you more about me: I like advertisement. Yes, dear makers of American Copywriter crawling through my logfiles, I like your podcast ;o)

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Useful Sounds No. 28: ipodder, skype and of white, male podcasters

A new podcast for your computer, your mobile player - or just your ears. ;)

30 min, 17,7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

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Useful Sounds No. 27: A little overdue podcast

For a new start into your week - feel spoken to. :o)

26:40 min, 15,6 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • how to feel disconnected with everything without a computer.

  • my new project, the english feed and site will be available soon. :o)

  • when Germany reads their news.

  • International women's day and the role of women in modern society, how they connected to the internet etc.

  • the desaster of using MSN Messangers (thanks to Seth again!), new interesting AIM terms of service, see my "All your content belongs to us".

  • me, my new DVB-T receiver, and the Eurovision song contest (you could say the European Superbowl in some way), I probably screwed up some of the names. ;o)

  • A bit about stupid German television.

  • Skyping around the intneret, for example with Tee Morris and interesting conversations.

  • Does someone know if there is a sip based voip connection?

  • Missing the Voicemail.

  • If I look at the survey results I found at Darren Rowse:
    92.1% of blog readers never listen to podcasts
    3.1% listen to 1 per week and 1.7% listen to 2 per week.
    2.4% of readers never use RSS feeds.
    Okay, what's so great about being normal?

  • What I think is going for

  • Even with big newspapers online, there are still blogs. This is what will happen to podcasting also from my point of view.

  • A good quote from the
    Let your mind believe: What would you attempt to do, if you knew, you could not fail?

  • A big big, warm shout out to the first podcsting baby, the youngest podcaster around: Maggie Smith ;o)

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Useful Sound No. 26 - Of clinically insane women with interest in gadgets

I should include such list more often, gets nice feedback ;o) Enjoy.

28 min, 16 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Crazy women?

  • forgot to mention the German podcasts I am listening to ... shame on me

  • Sammelstelle is meeting point in english

  • humorous feedback mail from Caleb of Floriduh of the Area51 podcast!
    Hello Nicole,

    The boys and girls from Area 51 Show are delighted beyond measure that they have been included in your blogroll! They know that your seal of approval is pretty much a guarantee of quality, and if they had been thinking of slacking, they aren't now.

    Marc wanted me to point out that he is a /Neanderthaler, /even after I told him that his valley is hundreds of kilometers from Lubeck. He is not very smart, but he is sensitive and good with stone tools.

    Douglas wanted me to tell you that he enjoys the huskiness in your voice even if it is an indication of tuberculosis. I told him that it is not tuberculosis, merely a cold, and he seemed... disappointed. He keeps calling you "Camille" and weeps uncontrollably. Time for Dougy's medication!

    Area 51 Show will soon have a nice new Radio blog... This is my job. I am just the abused Cinderella in this story, oppressed by my more glamorous step-sisters, and always left at home when it's party-time! But I will get revenge...

    Thanks so much for your kindness,
    Caleb from Floriduh

  • What I (dis)like about artist, photos, postcards, cats (like from David McEnery)

  • My Flickr-Feeds are really nice, like fromt TheGates, light house, and of course kitten

  • Mr. CC calls all women crazy, tsts. Imagine a world ...

  • Evo from the Dragonpage is a broadcaster which went to podcasting - and perhaps to XM? He promised ;o) to announce in advance his guests on the Dragonpage Blog, so we, the listeners worldwide, have a chance to 'call in' via mail / skype / whatever also.

  • Gift exchange, the Nicole way

  • Rob Greenlee said today, that Webtalkradio will stop producing - got a shock first, but they only will stop broadcasting and concentrate on online distribution :o)

  • expands new possibilities on the web, read my blog entry on "Watching TV Shows on the net - to offer the first episode of Galactica for free online"

  • No, you don't want to explore the horror of German dubbed television.

  • A new show on the TPN: a podcast on Tablet PC from James "jkOnTheRun" Kendrick
    (Cam, are you satisfied now?)

  • New on my wishlist - a tablet pc?, kind of an audio version why I probably should consider such a gadget.

  • DAN - no more australian accent! (that's an order!) ;)

  • Getting rid of some blogs on my blogroll

  • Is there an easy way to remember Tuesday / Thursday
Happy week. :)

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The 25th podcast - served with a cold

As most of you listen to my voice and not to the content, I figured it would be good to have some real content this time because my voice is not the best at the moment ... :)

38 min, 22 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Not in the list, but waiting for the feed from Curt Rosengren.

Of course, my favorite aussies from G'dayworld, now presented with their own 'branch' in my bloglines folder

and, last but not least, Croncast with Kristopher Smith (don't eat and listen to this show!). Good luck with his newly founded palegroove studios.

And now I am off listening to futureshock's Hiding! :)

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Useful Sounds No. 24 - the brummbrumm Autobahn-Podcast

The beginning is a bit too loud but it gets better after a short while. Hear me getting back from my trip!

18 min, 10,9 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • A podcast recorded on the road!

  • Blinker is 'turn signal'?

  • how to not get blitzed in Germany

  • Chris Pirillo in March 2004 about his future on IT Conversations

  • The Blogoscoped Interview is out - that was some work ...

  • back-handed compliment Mr. Reilly? I would not insert the new shows from thepodcastnetwork if I did not like it

  • I was thinking of a wiki for example for G'Dayworld or IT Conversations for the shows with links and qoutes to the shows, with timestamps etc.

    I often feel like "oh, oh, I have to write that down!!" but you can't note something when you are in the car. After each show, people could type down their favorite quote / question / answer; this would be a way to invoke the net with their
    work capability instead of just some people doing the work. Heck if there are transcripts from TV Shows, why not from on the pod and other shows like it?

  • My Aunt was trying to understand "who wrote this on wikipedia"
  • If you go on vacation: Take your passwords with you ...

  • Trying to remember when I first encountered Lockergnome

  • It's cold outside ....

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Useful Sound No. 23 - Fired employees, superbowl ads and more

Weblink fixed, don't know why I took 7 instead of 9 - thanks for the mails :o)

27 min, 19 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

Have fun :)

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Useful Sounds No. 22: From David Allen to Paul Watzlawick, from Microsoft to user guidelines

Update: Thanks to my personal editor for correcting - again - some of my usual errors and making suggestions for improvements. As usual, if you find my writing very stylish, clearly understandable - that's usually his work. :o)

Having to work the whole weekend instead of having free time sucks, and I refrained from recording a podcast yesterday - just to find myself grumpy about it the entire day and in the evening too demotivated to do one. So as not to repeat that error (as I have to go to work again today) I made my podcast first. :o)

Plus, the weekly schedule seems to work out best for me as a minimum of podcasting. Enjoy!

31 min, 21,7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • managed to screw up the German recording the same way as the last English one - I'm learning, I'm learning ...

  • Paul allows me to use the Futureshock song again! Yippie!

  • inspiration for a topic was the ipodder-dev list: one of the next podcasts will be about user interfaces and keyboard support - one of my favorite topics. ;o) There are so many developers out there who don't even get the basics of Windows UI design right! If I like your application or your website: you have probably received mail from me already on such issues ;)

  • Jeff Sandquist was the inspiration for this podcast with his posting about David Allen's appearance at the Microsoft campus. Jeff also started a wiki on GTD (or visit the GTD website).

  • always been a fan of management books, especially time management - but they were (still are) so limited! Who has got a secretary these days? The quoted German author is Lothar Seiwert, and it is Ann McGee-Cooper (not Gopher).

  • the Outlook plug-in for GTD has many features I would like to see in the current Outlook

  • finally figured out what all those IT Conversations reminded me of: a meeting with Paul Watzlawick 10 years ago. Three apprentices stuck between one hundred managers.

  • a quick overview of the German educational system (school and job), Wikipedia has an entry on
    Education in Germany, Abitur [I will try to prepare an excerpt on that later]

  • such presentations like David Allen's - why can't they be distributed at least throughout the company it is held in?

  • Marc Cuban on IT Conversation

  • was there really a Blog Business Summit? As if I would cross the Atlantic plus the entire continent just for a two-day conference ... The thing I will remember: Scoble did a keynote (learned this through his blog) and some good coverage with Chris Pirillo's from there

  • Anyone knows where to get an old copy of "MS Guideline of User Interface" for cheap? I miss the copy I accidently left behind. :o(

  • It's cold here - send warmth!
Feedback as always appreciated, weblog comments preferred. ;)

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Useful Sound Nr. 21: Business Podcasting, Google and nofollow me ...

Today is about corporate blog/podcasting, my affection for google and my thoughts on the nonofollow initiative. The Song played at the beginning and at the end is Hiding from Future Shock! Go buy it! :)

31:20 min, 18,3 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • Useful Sounds for Sunday Jan 23rd - it's snowing and I'm an idiot (new ways to screw up your recording ...)

  • screwing up part II: deleting podcasts while trying to sync between different machines and mp3-players

  • exciting news and thoughts on business podcasting:

    • Napodeon's entry about a possible client

    • Jeremy Wright searching for "dead sexy male voice"

    • smart podcast with intelligent content will make business and the fan based modell will work also (see Sledheadradio, produced by Kris)

    • spend 2.000 euro on a two day training or spend this on good podcasts about technology, management and other things?

  • why I don't like audio books

  • why my production time is well spent money

  • how to not promote you band online (will make a podcast with Thomas about that topic)

  • the internet is business - and google understands

  • what google has done for validation on the web

  • Google is for text searches, Altavista is for sound searches

  • why Ultrabar is phoning home crap: it tries to force me to use Yahoo Search (btw: one reason to dislike yahoo search is because of their tracking every url

  • as google fan I read Philipp's Blogoscoped (somebody please help him on his audio setting?)

  • Blog Names Top 10
    and you tell us we do a lot meta? [Note: while editing the notes I see it is about blog names, not the text - but still]

  • Nofollow was all over the web - now there is the nonofollow initiative

    I probably won't use it as standard for my comment parts, because it does not solve the problem itself. But I will use it on some links for my own page. I go through the 12 points and give my comments on them.

    You will find a comment about how to make a blogentry page from my personal point of view.

    The best thing about the Nofollow-Initiative? There is a way companies can work together and make in impact.

  • What do you think about me interviewing / talking to people?

  • If you like me, you will link to me - not vote for me on podcastalley ;o) But remember podcastalley is a great ressource to start and look out for new podcasts. If you like to link to me, no need to ask, I will find it ;)

  • I love podcasting bloggers and how curious they are

  • Dragon page interviews Wil Wheation. I want an audio book of Whil Weaton's Just a geek!

  • People I will / would like to talk to on a podcast:

    • Philipp from blogoscoped (if he gets his audio fixed)

    • Mick suggested Marc Orchant for talking to about tablet pc but I am kind of shy ... plus have to wait for the interview on G'dayworld to figure out how this name is pronounced ;o)

    • Mousepod man - how one can be so crazy about Disney [great thing is: I have a new podcast from him waiting for me after doing this!]

    • Matt Zur from the MothaB show - your guide on how to get smart woman ;o)

    • I will talk on Sammelstelle about promoting band on the internet with Thomas from Sammelstelle. The show is about music from germany but will include in that episode advise from germany.

    • I would like to be again on Croncast - if Kris gets his equipment back online in the basement

Love to hear from you - leave a comment! :o)

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Useful Sound Nr. 20 is there :o)

[Wondering why there where some requests for a show for Jan 19th - until I figured that I made the link in the blogpost wrong *arg* sorry corrected]

24:19 min, 14,2 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • A kind of request from Philipp : A podcast without meta? noooo ;o)

  • some topics in my podcasts will defenetly be google, language and meaning of words, blogs etc.

  • please Cam, no more Elvis ;)

  • thanks for all the mails for my birthday! (I have still to do the answers)

  • Ben: it's a Tungsten T! (one of the guys who tries to learn german)

  • Kris, it is Pflaster = band aid

  • Croncast in the Morning, G'dayworld later that morning - and if your interested, read How to have a great birthday

  • How to talk about references to you - without having it to be all about me myself and my?

  • mobile soundcatching possible with new gadget

  • the reason why you don't have my recording from sunday morning:
    Eric Rice helped me with my Tascam and also through his thoughs on the podosphere made me realize that my recording was not fun enough. Hope talking to him again, was really fun and exciting.

  • The second german blogged book tour (for "Kauf! Mich! Jetzt!") will be my occupation tomorow: this time with audio! Recorded an hour with Bernd Röthlingshöfer on Skype which will be published in slices as a podcast on on Jan 20th.

  • great quote from him: "you mean like radio in your letterbox?", additional to that Ross Rader:
    Podcasting is a method of subscription.
    A Broadcast is a method of distribution.

  • Interviewing other people is fun, wanna do more of that!

  • New Podcasts for you:
  • I like Frank Sinatra, yes. Radio Brothers played 99 Luftballons

  • Sam, the Skype box and my files for it: Some soundfiles for SAM, the skype answering machine
Have fun with it.

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Vacation! (well - a little bit is left)

Am really tired, so no more details with the notes this time, sorry.

26:54, 15,7 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

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This year already sucks.

21:27, 12 MB (right-click and say 'save link as')

  • the year is 6 days old - and it still sucks!

  • have to have my vacation next week because I want to make my interview on Croncast

  • little reminder: 13.01. - my birthday! :)

  • in opposite to Adam it is "brain say yes, body says hm"

  • my beloved blogsoftware Pivot needs some time from me

  • cool podcast on Gdayworld with Doc Searls (not worksafe! some aussie bottoms to see there!)

  • Dan Class promised a new podcast long ago - said he is on an audition. (hm. will it help to tell him that I am a brunette too?)

  • there are clients out there which don't like .php (which?), so this needs more research too *sigh*

  • Shane Robinson - like him! Likes same date format as I do! And you should do so too or I won't like you (cookies might bribe me instead.)

  • Pronounciation is not easy: Kris Smith's podcast rediscovered - thanks to this episode of Shane!.

  • How can we make it easier for first time listener to get the 'automatic downloading at your convinience' bit

  • Do you know any ressources for selling music online? This information I already got from Jake Ludington:
    There are two ways to approach selling music online as an independent.

    Go it alone and use a service like BitPass or Payloadz to deliver the electronic files. Paypal can be used as the payment mechanism in both cases, so there's no barrier to entry.


    Or use Web savvy labels like:

    Digital Musicworks

  • Very interesting information from Jason from Insomnia Radio:
    You can do what I did, and appy for a radio partner license (free, and easy) which licenses you to play ANY song from

    So far my show Insomnia Radio, and Indiefeed and The Bob adn A.J are radio partners there, andit's pretty cool.

    Go here:

  • Any good speech training tutorials online?!

  • Leaving you with a tip: A good blog to read if you like to get a better, more energizing career, go read "The Occupational Adventure" and download his free new ebook
    "The Five Fundamentals of Occupational Adventure - Pursuing Your Passion, Achieving Your Dream". I have it on dead tree now and will read it when go to bed.

    (Even if this sounded kind of creepy like selling, Curt has very good, serious articles on topic.

  • Please send some luck! ;o(
Wish you all a nice weekend!

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Happy New Year

(right-click and say 'save link as')

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