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Useful Sounds No. 049: Look back on 2006, an outlook on 2007 and 5 things you don't about me

Starting into a new year it is always a good idea to take a look back. But also to add some things you may not know. ;)

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Show notes:

  • being in the now: 2007 really feels like 2007!

  • surprinsingly you did not like me interviewing other people like on bloxpert

  • a short intro what US is about - it has been quite a while ;)

  • 2006: a lot of travelling and a lot of people

  • 2006: similar topics over the year: women on conferences and english as a limiting factor

  • 2006: the slow wake up of Germany, although not grass root but pushed by big media and companies

  • The upcoming Podcamp in Germany at 13/14 of January

  • 2007: that is going to be fun !

  • 2007: the old world is supposed to be merging / enter the new world - but there are risks

  • Second Life: a new hype but already with a lot of problems

  • 2007: Where are my jet packs? Question for you: What did SF and technology promise you but it still has not been delivered?

  • The "5 things you might not know about me" meme

    • please call me Nicole

    • I really love piano and synthesizer (or my first concert with Saga)

    • nearly 20 years of being online or why Nicole 17 is a bad choice for a nickname

    • No love for horses. Ever.

    • I like simple things, details, and gestures which show that somebody pays attention

    I will put the link to the blogposting with the written version from ctbk as soon as it is available.

    See other results from other blogs or take a look at my German version.

  • some goals for 2007: get to know the person behind the connection

  • a quote for you: if you dare to be remarkable we will dare to make a difference

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

comments (2):

  1. Happy New Year Nicole!

    Really enjoyed the podcast thnx.

    Joost Plattel 04 01 07 - 10:17

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout in the podcast, Ms. Simon! Next tim eyou are on Skype, we should chat. Just catch up. I miss those chats.

    So...2007...what am I looking ahead to?

    1) finishing my first SF novel (end of January)
    3) finishing EXODUS FROM MOREVI (end of September)
    4) writing and finishing the follow-up to PODCASTING FOR DUMMIES (end of May)
    5) podcasting BILLIBUB BADDINGS AND THE CASE OF THE SINGING SWORD (begining 2.14.07...or 14.02.07 for the European audiences...)

    ...and discovering the joys of WordPress which I started this afternoon!

    I also look forward to seeing you again at Podcast/New Media Expo in Ontario, CA. It was so much fun seeing you, and I hope you look back on our face-to-face meeting in 2006 as one of the highlights. :^) I do. And hey, are you thinking about Dragon*Con 2007? I thik you'd dig that, too!

    What was I promisedn in SF that we don't have? Let's see...

    1) The Pan Am flight that takes me to the oribital station while "Blue Danube" plays in the background.
    2) Moon bases.
    3) Hovercraft/flying cars and independence from fossil fuels.

    Things I really dig about 2007 already...

    1) The iPhone. A really, really, really cool gadget.
    2) WordPress. A bit of a learning curve, but once I got past it...dang. Where have I been all this time?
    3) My new podcast. This is going to be fun.
    4) My "dream machine". I've set up the savings account. Now I just need to get the income.
    Tee Morris 11 01 07 - 05:28

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