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Useful Sounds No. 048: Web site change and my experience with MS Speech API for dictation

About what I have been doing lately as well as my experiences with Microsoft's idea of speech recognition.

Download MP3 (24:08 min, 14.2 MB)

Show notes:

  • The usual hickup with a crashing audition

  • Are you still there? Useful Sounds has moved over to usefulsounds.com - please update your links as well as check your podcatcher. :)

  • All podcasts entries have been moved over to this web page and all blog postings should be merged to cruel to be kind

  • Redirecting the feed: Shoutouts to Podnova for handling of the feeds as it is supposed to be!

  • Buuh for Odeo! I had to kill the old feed and am not able to transfer you, sorry. (Link to the new page on odeo.)

  • Some comments on my recent trip to the States
    • Steep streets in San Francisco (try of picture proof one and two) and touristy stuff
    • The museum of modern art - nothing I can relate to
    • The Vegas Style: "European" structures in San Jose

  • Quiting my old job and some vacation in too warm Germany

  • World Cup: unexpected flag explosion all over the place, my stay at the Coca-Cola flat and a new addiction to Coke Blak

  • My failed experiments with English Speech Recognition
    • testing especially the MS Speech Engine API
    • why can't I train such an application with my own writing? What better way to train it with your own voice and style?
    • I don't mind training an application - I know I don't fit into your saved profiles! But at least I am consistent in my speaking.
    • stupid training lessons from Microsoft for voice training - who talks like H.G. Wells or Aesop?

  • Portable Media Expo is coming! Yuuuuhuu! :o) :) :)

  • Do not give up your audio podcast! Not everybody loves Video!

  • A teaser for next episode:
    In a world of infinite choice, context - not content - is king.

Claiming the Odeo Channel (odeo/97e6010dc9627079)

comments (3):

  1. What about handwriting? Do you like it? I guess if you have some exercise in it you won't get tired too fast. (The drawback is, that you have to have a graphics tablet or something like that for the actual input and to figure out how to install and use it. (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306906/ (for MS Win XP) might help.))

    And you won't hate those who stop audio podcasting, will you? ;)
    Fairground 04 09 06 - 04:38

  2. some more thoughts:
    Though you might quite like it to speak to your computer because you seem to be like audiophile. (I didn't like when I tried it some years ago, but it might be nicer to work with more modern programs.)

    Nevertheless it might be a good idea to have different possiblities of input, so you can switch them if you get bored or exhausted by one of them.

    (By the way: It should be possible to record a new useful sound and handwrite some headwords about the same time... No noise from the keyboard that spoils the recording and everything ready to blog after recording :) )
    Fairground 04 09 06 - 04:50

  3. Please! You have a beautiful voice. If typing is more comfortable for you, do that first, and then read it.
    dmelliott 27 10 06 - 08:05

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