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Useful Sounds No. 044: Happy New Year in 2006

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  • Learn a bit about German Silvester, little boys and their Böller, and why some German throw bread into the air.

  • It is so easy to sound clever if you have a journalist tweaking the words *g*

  • Toby Bloomberg's request for "what you would like more / less in the blogosphere" and the results under "Bloggers Wish List for 2006"

  • my answer to this question:
    We should be challenging. Expect more from the people around you, including your readers. How else are we suppose to learn and evolve if everything stays mediocre and just for the mainstream taste?

    To quote one of my favorite song lyrics: "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" There are so many people and you can't be everyone's darling. Stop trying to be and make the the one person proud which really counts: You!

    Say what you want: In order for you to be more than mediocre, others (and you yourself) need impulses and ideas. Tell them what you want and why, so others can pick up on your request.

    What I want less:
    I want less people who do not understand why connecting to the internet is not an addiction but a new form of social interaction. I am tired of seeing those pity looks because they think, they do have a "real life" when all they do is watching television all night or going out in bars having meaningless conversations with people they already know.
  • a great song to start the the new year: Heather Small - Proud

  • Where are you from? Mark yourself on my Frappr map. :)

  • Me going crazy over trying to figure out how to travel to the US! Any hints for which airlines to take to the US? For (LHR|FRA|else) to SFO and SFO-SAN and LAX - Europe. Preferably one way.

  • Going to the New Communication Forum and to Etech (unless I go nuts over booking ...)

  • Upcoming Digital Lifestyle Day 06 in Munich but no Lift06 in Geneva for me

  • Interesting 'job development' on my side

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

comments (4):

  1. Great podcast Nicole
    Great Plans!! :)
    And again a very happy heeky new year
    Joost Plattel 01 01 06 - 16:11

  2. meant to type geeky, not heeky :))
    Joost Plattel 01 01 06 - 16:12

  3. Hi Nicole, Frappr maps are kewl. I added myself to your map and created one of my own and blogged about it :)
    Seth Russell 02 01 06 - 02:23

  4. Nicole - thanks for the shout out. Wonderful 1st 2006 podcast with lots to think about!
    Toby 02 01 06 - 05:47

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