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Useful Sounds No. 043: You are my recreation

You are my recretion :o)

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The content: my joyful work over the weekend, about the pre conference podcast for Les Blogs, and your reactions on my last podcast.

As well as the big topic "Women and podcasting".

Go read, if you not have done it, the Wired article "Women Warm the Podcast Bench" and take a look at Amy Gahran's list. So, which reactions do you get, when you talk to women about podcasting?

Parts from the song Hiding as usual by the band !

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  1. Nicole,

    I have to agree with your comment that there are very few women in PodCasting... obviously. My 13 year old daughter is busy trying to get a PodCast together, and has got very little fear in the process, because I'm here to help out when she has a question. Watching her number of questions, though, I can tell that there is definitely a point at which most women would walk away from this task.

    I don't think women stay away from PodCasting out of fear... I think it goes back to gender stereotypes. We men like to keep technology imbued with this sort of macho mystique. We men have found ways to keep women out of technology for years by encouraging tech companies to keep stuff almost priestly... "The Church of the Techno-Penis".

    That being said, I think there are also some gender issues that do cause women to step back from PodCasting. Now, please understand that as I am not woman, I speak only from my perceived understanding. Men tend to be able to form relationships over distances... not requiring any kind of emotional ties. I think that the majority of PodCasts that exist are more of the "Let me tell you what I know..." variety. The successful female PodCasts - the ones about which I know - seem to be extensions of a blog model. Mur's "I should be writing", yours, Annik Ruben's, even Dawn and Drew, are all extensions of a blog model. To me, the success of these PodCasts only reinforces my belief that women appreciate the creation of an emotional tie more than men in PodCasting do.

    Please, go ahead and use this comment, and shred it at will. I'd love to hear more about your opinion. Having a daughter, and having an interest in PodCasting, I'd love to understand how I can help this bright child understand the world into which she's growing.
    Brad P. from NJ 27 11 05 - 05:10

  2. I really appreciated your list of women podcasters. I have been searching for more of those, and kept finding mostly male podcasters. Nothing wrong with those, but they didn't speak to my soul, know what I mean? So thanks for the list - it will inspire me to keep working on my own podcast, which has yet to be published. I haven't been able to find my niche yet about what I want to say. And I have to admit it has been intimidating to see so many men podcasting and hardly any women. But I think there are probably more women out there like myself who would love to hear a women's point of view on things. So anyway, there is one podcast I'd like to shout out to that I didn't see on the list and that has quickly become one of my favorites... http://emogirltalk.com ...I'm not really into emo music, but Martina's fun to listen to and shows that a girl's podcast can sound just as professional as a man's.
    Jennifer M 27 11 05 - 21:50

  3. Hello Nicole,
    if I'm not missunderstanding, you are interested in, why no one gives ,,negative'' feedback in germany. Well, it's because you do the job in a really cool and expirienced way. So there is less room for critics. :-)

    Beside this, its very hard to make constructive critics that didn't hurd. People don't like it, when someone hits their virtual babies. So you have to hide your point in irony or between the lines. It's a very good way to get missunderstand and so you may achieve results you didn't intend.

    Once someone said to me: Do criticism in private and praise in public. Perhaps most germans do it that way? Do I have to add the i-word here?

    Good luck,
    Sven 08 12 05 - 13:51

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